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Civil Engineering.


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Civil Design Services

Our team members have experience in performing civil engineering design services for various types of projects including; Preparation of Civil Design Documents for Grading & Drainage Plans, Storm Drain Plans, Water Plans, Sewer Plans, Street Improvement Plans, and Striping and Traffic Signal Plans in accordance with local jurisdiction requirements. 

As part of plan documents Waber Consultants, Inc. prepares reports including Hydrology Reports, SWPPPs,

and WQMP/LID Reports.
We also provide Technical Specifications in accordance with Construction Specifications Institute formats and client-specific requirements.

Waber Consultants, Inc. has an internal quality assurance/quality control system in place for all projects to ensure all plans and specifications are completed with high quality.  We ensure all plans and specifications are in compliance with required standards and codes and that no construction-related issues arise in the field.

Our team members have experience in performing surveying and mapping services for various types of projects including; ALTA, Construction Staking, Topography, Boundary and Easements, Lot Line Mergers/Adjustments, and Dedications. 

Our team members have experience in the preparation and review of ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys.  

Our team members have experience in the overall planning, coordination, and control of different projects from inception to completion in order to successfully complete project on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. 

The cornerstone of effective project management is a well-developed Project Management Plan.  Participation by all team members in the development of the plan ensures that real-time and budget factors are accounted for and that necessary resources are committed to the project.  The project manager closely monitors the budget in comparison to project percent complete and the schedule.  This information, in turn, is communicated to all team members. 

Waber Consultants, Inc. uses MS Project routinely as a resource for forecasting and load-leveling tool.  Careful use of this program provides for effective, efficient time for forecasting of surge situations.  An accurate project schedule allows the project manager to access the resources needed to successfully complete client projects on time and within budgets.

Our team would successfully manage more than one project at a time, effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders, conduct progress meetings, coordinate with agencies, participate in the preparation of cost estimates and construction specifications, assure quality control, perform periodic inspection of the site, and provide proper documentation to close projects in a timely manner, as well as perform other required tasks for successful completion of projects. 

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